School Crossing Signs
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Varieties of school crossing signs

School zones must comfortably accommodate both children and rushed traffic. In such a volatile environment,signs play a pivotal role in making sure kids get home safely.

School Crosswalk Signs
Although not exactly a crossing sign, besides helping visitors find their way, entrance signage like this also provides a subtle prompt to drivers: this isn't a place to drive recklessly.
Student Crosswalk Signs
Some schools straddle busy roads, or include annexes that children use regularly. An aluminum sign like this one encourages drivers to slow down – it can also help if a crosswalk has become difficult to see over time.

School Crossing Signs
Like the other customizable signs listed on this page, this sign serves the dual purpose of letting passersby and drivers know where they are while reminding them of their responsibilities.
Student Crossing Signs
When you're talking about child safety, a firm, commanding tone is merited. Post this unmissable fluorescent sign near a crosswalk to help make sure drivers pay attention.

School Bus Loading Signs
Schools aren't the only place where children are prone to tragic accidents. If your community's children get together at the same place to catch the bus every day, a loading sign will keep drivers on their toes – and also prevent kids from getting lost.
School Traffic Signs
The MUTCD and state laws include strict requirements for speed limits near schools – rolex replica watches and depending on the state, fines may be stiffer once an unsafe driver is in a school zone. This sign induces drivers to take their feet off the pedal, and helps demarcate the school zone in case they don't.

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